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Rollin' the Bones #57

Hi, everyone. Happy to see ya’ll passing through. Looks like the muse is being nice to us again this week, not sure why. Could be that she’s prepping us for a full-on 2019 welcome slap, or perhaps she’s on vacation and the temp filling in for her while she’s out has a soft spot for us creatives. Either way, here it is. Best of luck.

Bones #57_edited - Copy.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #55

Ah, muse. I see what you did here. Forcing us to dig deep, deep. I understand you’re teaching us that wonder lies in all things. That the mundane isn’t so if we look hard enough. The struggle is in the searching, the discovery of story threads, the pulling ever so gently, and collection of enough substance to weave a tale. I haven’t found my thread yet, but I’m looking. Best of luck to you all.

Bones #55_edited - Copy.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #54

Greetings. Holiday season is officially upon us, may the gods have mercy on us all. The muse, I am sure, will not, for she is a harsh mistress. As evidence, see this week’s roll o’ the Bones. I’m at a bit of a loss, but perhaps it’s the calm before a creative gale. We’ll see. Best of luck to you all.

Bones #54_edited - Copy.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #53

I feel like this one is a month or so too late, but who am I to question the muse?

(*whispers* one must never question the muse! *kicks off boot, brandishes single duck foot, stuffs back into boot*)

Hopefully this one’s got your inner story engine churning. Thanks be to the muse, a few things have fallen into place in my own noggin. So, yup, no sense in jabbering, best get to work. Type quickly, edit not, and create something amazing.

Bones #53_edited - Copy.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #52

Well, we did it, you did it, I did it. This blog has been going strong, offering insight from the muses for a full year. I can tell the muses are proud (my coffee was exceptionally tasty this morning, thank you very much great muse o’ the Bean), and I’m energized to get back to writing. I hope you are, too. Without further ado, here’s this week’s Roll o’ the Bones. Best of luck.

Bones #52_edited - Copy.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #51

The muse threw me a softball this week. Maybe she knew I was already up to my elbows in NaNoWriMo (yeah, it’s happening, and yes, it’s utterly chaotic). Well, I’ll take it. This roll o’ the Bones dredged up sentiments of Dr. Who from the depths of my creative mind (though which episode I can’t remember). Hopefully these Bones help ya’ll to locate an interesting thread to pull. Best of luck this week!

Bones #51_edited - Copy.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #50

My first thought upon seeing this role o’ the Bones was not pleasant. Definitely more confusion than creative spark. But I’m not one for giving up, and I hope neither are you, because there could be something really cool lurking in whatever this roll has provided us, no matter how confusing it looks on the outside. I feel like this sentiment could apply to more than writing alone. Hmm. Perhaps the muse is providing us more than we realize. Best of luck.

Bones #50_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #49

Initially, I wasn’t sure why the muse would offer these bones to us. The first story ideas that came to mind were mundane, awful things. Stuff we see on the news at times. Perhaps that’s where the muse’s brilliance lies. She’s pushing us past our uncomfortable, easy ideas, into the unknown realm of questioning. Given a mundane story the why, how, or what of it all could be the most fantastic, supernatural explanation imaginable if we keep drilling in the direction of fantasy. We storytellers have the opportunity to take the normal and make it abnormal, amazing, even inspiring. So now I’m asking myself how I can make the situation cast in these bones something fantastic. Best of luck.

Bones #49_edited - Copy.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #48

I’m not sure what it is, but something about this particular roll o’ the Bones hit me as soon as it came to a stop. The muse did her shovel work, ‘cause the story is there, I can feel it, but it’s deep, deep. Hopefully I’ll find it soon, because I think it’s going to be good. Best of luck to ya’ll on this one.

Bones #48_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #47

Greetings. The muse is upon us!

SF Geek that I am, this roll o’ the Bones whispers directly to my soul. Soooo, I’mma get outta here now and get to work. May the muse, in whatever form it comes to you, offer as much inspiration to you as it does to me.

Bones #47_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #46

Hmm, the muse must be trying to tell us something with all these robots. I think it’s either a warning that Skynet has come online, or that we’ve been slacking in the robot story department. Either way, I’m down for some robot action to make things interesting. Hopefully, ya’ll are too! Best of luck.

Bones #46_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #44

Got robots? Good, I say. The muse has gifted us with a fine roll this morning. I’m not sure what it is about robots, but I’m a fan. I love the what-if of AI, and robots, especially cyborgs, are that in-between for me. If humans are internal combustion vehicles and AI are electric cars, then cyborgs are the Prius of it all. On this subject, not sure if any of you had a chance to listen/watch the recent JRE podcast with Elon Musk, but he had some pretty interesting things to say about the inevitable human-AI convergence. I highly recommend it.

Bones #44_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #43

Sweet Christmas, what has the muse given us this time? I'm not sure what it is, but I like it. A story's there at the edge of my mind, and I know it's going to be good, I just don't know what it is yet. This only means one thing . . . that it's time to write! Best of luck to you all.

Bones #43_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #42

This one hit me with a story idea right away. It's crazy how the muse knows what to do . . . and crazy how at times I question her so strongly, only to find out it was me who didn't quite understand the initial message offered in the Bones. I hope you're hit with some instant inspiration, too, my friend. Best of luck.

Bones #42_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #41

I don't know what you want, Muse. I hope the rest of you have a better idea, some spark of creativity or insight into what the heck this all means. It couldn't be nonsense. The Muse would never give us random prompts just to mess with us, no . . .

Bones #41_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #39

This one's got me scratching my head. I think the muse has been drinking again. Or perhaps she's got something planned here. Maybe these Bones will bring forth a fantastic story when I'm least expecting it. Yeah, that's it. I'll be at the head of an afternoon grocery store rush, unloading my cart onto the sticky-from-gods-knows-what conveyor belt, and it'll hit me. Well, not this time, muse! I'm on to you! I hope the rest of you are ready, too, when your muse strikes.

Bones #39_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #38

Hiya. Not giving up, I see? Good. Because the muse hasn't give up on you. Hope lies in the Bones below. A story, a poem, a sketch? Could be anything. It's how we each translate the muse's advice that counts, that makes no two writers capable of spontaneously writing the same story. It makes things interesting and precious. Best of luck this week.

Bones #38_edited.jpg

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