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Rollin' the Bones #44

Got robots? Good, I say. The muse has gifted us with a fine roll this morning. I’m not sure what it is about robots, but I’m a fan. I love the what-if of AI, and robots, especially cyborgs, are that in-between for me. If humans are internal combustion vehicles and AI are electric cars, then cyborgs are the Prius of it all. On this subject, not sure if any of you had a chance to listen/watch the recent JRE podcast with Elon Musk, but he had some pretty interesting things to say about the inevitable human-AI convergence. I highly recommend it.

Bones #44_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #43

Sweet Christmas, what has the muse given us this time? I'm not sure what it is, but I like it. A story's there at the edge of my mind, and I know it's going to be good, I just don't know what it is yet. This only means one thing . . . that it's time to write! Best of luck to you all.

Bones #43_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #42

This one hit me with a story idea right away. It's crazy how the muse knows what to do . . . and crazy how at times I question her so strongly, only to find out it was me who didn't quite understand the initial message offered in the Bones. I hope you're hit with some instant inspiration, too, my friend. Best of luck.

Bones #42_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #41

I don't know what you want, Muse. I hope the rest of you have a better idea, some spark of creativity or insight into what the heck this all means. It couldn't be nonsense. The Muse would never give us random prompts just to mess with us, no . . .

Bones #41_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #39

This one's got me scratching my head. I think the muse has been drinking again. Or perhaps she's got something planned here. Maybe these Bones will bring forth a fantastic story when I'm least expecting it. Yeah, that's it. I'll be at the head of an afternoon grocery store rush, unloading my cart onto the sticky-from-gods-knows-what conveyor belt, and it'll hit me. Well, not this time, muse! I'm on to you! I hope the rest of you are ready, too, when your muse strikes.

Bones #39_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #38

Hiya. Not giving up, I see? Good. Because the muse hasn't give up on you. Hope lies in the Bones below. A story, a poem, a sketch? Could be anything. It's how we each translate the muse's advice that counts, that makes no two writers capable of spontaneously writing the same story. It makes things interesting and precious. Best of luck this week.

Bones #38_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #37

I hope someone out there has a ridiculously fantastic spark of creative genius upon seeing this roll o' the Bones, because I've got nothin'. Perhaps it's a slowly acting inspiration? What say you, Muse? Muse? I'll be out looking for my muse. Be back soon. Best of luck to you all.

Bones #37_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #36

Come one, come all, for your weekly creative prompt! The muse offers another mashup masterpiece. My own story seed sprouted on the way from rolling dem bones to typing this itty bitty post. Best of luck on your creative journey with this one.

Bones #36_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #35

I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed with this roll at first . . . then I saw what one of the little fellas was hiding behind his back. Yes, this is going to be good, very, very good. Thank you, my muse. Best of luck to you all.

Bones #35_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #34

For whatever reason, this roll made me laugh out loud. It's been a long day, so perhaps my Muse is trying to help me decompress through humor. If that's the case, then she's done it. I sense a dark comedy flash fiction piece coming on. Best of luck with this week's roll o' the bones.

Bones #34_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #33

This one was fun, at least for me. I'm all about the ancient tree magic type stuff, so my imagination had a hell of a fun time with this roll o' the bones. Druids are cool. Ancient evil is cool. I guess smiley faces and trees are cool, too. Best of luck.

Bones #33_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #30

It's crazy how sometimes the writing snags us from the moment we sit down for a session, while at other times all the dusting and dishes seem to be ever slightly more important than the keyboard waiting at our fingertips. Hopefully this week's Bones will snare your attention for a wee bit, and you'll get some creative satisfaction out of it. Best of luck.

Bones #30_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #29

Hello, there. I hope this post finds you well . . . and I hope you're ready to get your write on. The muse speaks!!! Prepare the writing implements! Bar the door! Secure the shutters! It's time to get to work. Best of luck.

Bones #29_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #28

Greetings once again. I hope those of you in the USA are having a nice Memorial Day (unending thanks to those who gave it all in my defense), and everyone else, wherever you may be, is having a mellow Monday. Although today's roll appears more mundane than others, make no mistake there's a story to tell. Best of luck.

Bones #28_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #27

Another week, another prompt, another sheep? The muse has a plan for us, or at least a path selected, and it's up to us to choose their fork or our own fresh trail. Best of luck if you choose the muse's offering today.

Bones #27_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #26

Greetings, fellow creative peeps. This week's roll o' the bones brought to mind a certain interstellar smuggling route (bragging rights for making the run in a short distance being the only trophy, however). May the muse be with you.

Bones #26_edited.jpg

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