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Rollin' the Bones #30

It's crazy how sometimes the writing snags us from the moment we sit down for a session, while at other times all the dusting and dishes seem to be ever slightly more important than the keyboard waiting at our fingertips. Hopefully this week's Bones will snare your attention for a wee bit, and you'll get some creative satisfaction out of it. Best of luck.

Bones #30_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #29

Hello, there. I hope this post finds you well . . . and I hope you're ready to get your write on. The muse speaks!!! Prepare the writing implements! Bar the door! Secure the shutters! It's time to get to work. Best of luck.

Bones #29_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #28

Greetings once again. I hope those of you in the USA are having a nice Memorial Day (unending thanks to those who gave it all in my defense), and everyone else, wherever you may be, is having a mellow Monday. Although today's roll appears more mundane than others, make no mistake there's a story to tell. Best of luck.

Bones #28_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #27

Another week, another prompt, another sheep? The muse has a plan for us, or at least a path selected, and it's up to us to choose their fork or our own fresh trail. Best of luck if you choose the muse's offering today.

Bones #27_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #26

Greetings, fellow creative peeps. This week's roll o' the bones brought to mind a certain interstellar smuggling route (bragging rights for making the run in a short distance being the only trophy, however). May the muse be with you.

Bones #26_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #24

The muse is laughing at me again. She started with this last roll of the bones, and has yet to stop. I'm thoroughly creeped-out, and maybe a little scared, but I've got to press on. Us writers must slog through the muck and madness to victory. Finish what we started. Good luck. Be strong. Don't eat the free muffin tops; they're not what you think they are.

Bones #24_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #23

It's interesting to see how often the same bones come around. The muse has offered these to us before, yet never together. So here we are with two familiar bones. Are they supposed to be continuations of the muse's previous prompts? Or is this a whole new story? Best of luck in uncovering the answer.

Bones #23)_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #22

Hello, fellow word weavers. Another Monday is upon us, which means another prompt. Do with it what you will. I'm still not sure about it (but it's gotta be good, else why would my muse be cackling over in the corner?). Best of luck.

Bones #22_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #21

Hi, there. I'll keep it quick, for I know the muse is a harsh mistress and no dilly-dallying will be tolerated. *sips coffee* (because there's always time for coffee -- it's like muse kryptonite, or as if the act of preparing/pouring/sipping creates a temporary haven from muse-induced toil). *sets coffee down, places bruised hands on keyboard* Shall we begin?

Bones #21_edited2.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #20

Welcome back, whoever you are. This week's casting of the Bones must have startled my muse. Perhaps she was day dreaming and thought I'd caught her slacking. Maybe she was embarrassed and wanted to cover it up with a barrage of story ideas to snare my attention. Either way, I'm ready to write about pyramids and mirrors (at least I think that's what the other image is). I hope you are, too.

Bones #20_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #19

Strange weather these days. Winter appears to be shifting to the right around here, starting a month late, ending a month late. Through it all, the muse has stuck by our side. For that, I am thankful. This week's roll o' the bones feels like an easy one, so it'll probably be hard as hell to pull a story out. Such is the way of things. But adversity breeds character, and makes for good characters, no? Best of luck.

Bones #19_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #18

Well, well, what a nice surprise. I sure do love how the muse mixes it up for us. This one reminded me of a Dr. Who episode. Makes me wonder how some of the genre mash-ups come about, and whether those big shot writers have a secret stash of bones they cast to help guide their scripts. Ah well. Enjoy.

Bones #18_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #17

Winter snow to spring warmth, the weather here in SLC has been pretty crazy since last post, though maybe not as crazy as this week's roll o' the bones. I suspect the muse o' the bones is laughing at us. It could also be that the muse is perfectly sane and last week's fire-clown roll was a good starting point for many of you. I hope it was, and I hope this week's roll gets your creativity going. Best of luck.

Bones #17_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #14

It was beginning to look a lot like April here in SLC. It appears the Gods of Winter are not through with us yet. What better to do than sit at home in pajamas with a mug of some warm beverage at the ready and work through a new story prompt? I can think of little better.

Bones #14_edited.jpg

Rollin' the Bones #13

I feel like this one is a bit of a softball . . . as if my muse is trying to tell me something. Or maybe she's offering a simple setup and demanding extraordinary results. Perhaps she's reminding me that the mundane can be fantastic if viewed through the right lens. Point taken.

Bones #13_edited.jpg



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